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Auburn Offensive Coordinator to be introduced as Arkansas State Head Coach

Auburn’s Offensive Coordinator Gus Malzahn is said to be the new Head Coach of Arkansas State. The press conference today will confirm it. Some people are wondering why in the world he would pass on a head coaching gig at Vandy and later accept the gig at Ark St. Could it be because he formerly coached on the staff of the Razorbacks and wanted to return to the state he calls home? I am sure he will let everyone know the answer but he did say that he wants to go somewhere different and “get out of Auburn” .  Most Auburn fans I have spoken to are feeling insulted and betrayed by Malzahn. Is there anything he can do to smooth things over with the AU people and does he even want to? We’ll see what he has to say at the press conference.  I will bring more news on this as soon as I have it.